Asher Yeo



My fascination in Information Technology started after I was enrolled in a holiday camp to do Python Programming. I was amazed what programming can do. My father who has more than 2 decades of IT working experience had often shared about IT and new technologies that escalated my interest in IT. I am currently in my 3rd year of the Diploma in Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics, interning at NTU Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, graduating soon from Singapore Polytechnic. Hopefully in future I can help our less fortunate with IT.



Talents & Achievements

In primary school, I represented the school in several events, and received a very positive recommendation letter from the form teacher and principal, listing my achievements, contributions and character testimonial. I received the MOE’s EAGLES award in 2017. I was appointed leadership roles such as class monitor for 2 years and the Senior Sixer (highest rank in Cub Scouts) to take charge of the school’s entire Cub Scouts. Subsequently I received the Akela award that was presented to Singapore Scout Association’s most outstanding Cub Scouts in recognition for excellent performance.


In secondary school, I was appointed the assistant Troop Leader of school’s Sea Scouts, and was presented the Meritorious Service award. I have represented the school in many events, achieving for the school Gold awards, as well as national events like National Day Parade, and international events like 1st ASEAN Seaboree. I was also awarded Singapore Scout Association’s highest award - Chief Commissioner’s Award.


In Singapore Polytechnic (SP), beside fulfilling the academic requirements of Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics's modules, I was involved in volunteer work (organising activties and helping Singapore's foreign workers) and as well as being part of SP's Canoe Polo team, representing SP in Singapore National Championship 2022, NTU Opens 2023, SPOC 2023, Pesta Sukan 2023 National Canoe Polo Championships, NTU Opens 2024, SPOC 2024, and as well as particpating in KL Canoe Interstate Championship 2023. Springboard from there, I was selected by Singapore Canoe Federation to represent Singapore to compete in Asian Canoe Polo Championship 2023. In 2024, I am gearing up to represent Singapore in 2024 International Canoe Federation's Canoe Polo World Championships.


Other than activities in school like life saving, keelboat sailing and first aid, I also engaged in courses and activities like abseiling, air rifle, gokarting & ATVs, fishing, wall climbing, wind surfing, diving, kayaking, indoor sky diving and bungee jumping. My interest in cycling also gave me the chance to experience the engineering of bicycle where I do my own maintenance and upgrades. I would probably be one of the youngest person to obtain the Powered Pleasure Craft Driving Licence (PPCDL) 3 months after the minimum age requirement, allowing me to drive engine powered/jet-propelled pleasure craft within Singapore port limits. I have also piloted light aircraft in Hualien, Taiwan.


COVID-19 made me realized that IT is very important to everyone and useful in all industries. With the keen interest, I hope to further my knowledge in IT to better equip myself in this fast moving world.

Amazing Life Experiences

Asian Canoe Polo Championship 2023